Volunteer with SANKORE And The People of Ghana One of the most innovaTaimako Plant Research Centre tive aspects of THESANKORE FOUNDATION Corp. program’s rests in the scope and range of SANKORE Volunteer. SANKORE Volunteer curriculum creates opportunities to meet, live, and learn from and with the local people of Northern Ghana. SANKORE Volunteer is designed to be flexible in order to help you choose what works best for you and to tailor your experience in Ghana and the duration of it (from one month until up to one year) to your liking. Come share in SANKORE Volunteer for a couple of months duringsummer break after college finals, give the gift of Tamale Schoolexposure andexperience to your graduating high school senior, or couple the SANKORE Volunteer experience with the contextualknowledge you’re receiving in college. The choice is yours andthe options are limitless.

Volunteer possibilities (minimum of one month in Tamale)consists of 3 Principal Areas of Focus (PAF) and numerous other volunteer opportunities which all include, butNOTlimited to:

Volunteering at Tamale Teaching Hospital
(medical background may be required) within the:

  • Physiotherapy DepartmentTamale Hospital
  • Labor and Maternity Ward
  • Pediatric Ward
  • Gynecology and Obstetric Ward
  • Operating/Surgical Theaters
    • Orthopedic
    • Anesthesiology
  • Outpatient Department (OPD)
  • Pharmacy
  • Medical Emergency Department
  • Hematology, Pathology, Bacteriology, Cytology, & Blood Bank Departments
  • X-Ray
  • Assisting in the activities of the Ghana Federation of Traditional Medical Practitioners (GHAFTRAM) and assist AIDS patient

Volunteering at University of Development Studies
Volunteering at the University of Development Studies
(founded Sept. 1993, the largest faulty of agriculture in Ghana). Participate in collaborative research, student exchange research, community facilitation & Intervention within the:

  • Dept. of Agronomy – Dept. Head Israel Dzomeku Ph.D
  • Dept. of Animal Science – Dept. Head G. Ayum Teye Ph.D.
  • Dept.of Horticulture – Dept Head Mr. Hypolite Bayor
  • Dept. of Agriculture Eco Economics and Extension – Mr. A. S. Iddi
  • Dept. of Agriculture Mechanization and Irrigation Technology – Kranjae B. Gordana Ph.D
  • Dept. of Renewable Natural Resources – Mr. William Asante
  • Dept. of Biotechnology – Demuyakor Ph.D.
  • Tuition (exchange of lectures). Minimal qualifications of lectures must have Masters in field
  • And other non-governmental organizations and development partners


  • Volunteering at Tamale Metropolitan Education Directorate.University of Development Studies
  • Teaching and/or assisting at the Taimako Business College (age: 15-22 years).
  • Teach young people basic computer literacy and Internet skills at Technocef, a private institution in Tamale.
  • Care for orphaned children at the Anfaani Tamale Children Home
  • Co-op in the mango arboricultural Agrovet/Taimako Farms and Nurseries (only in the summer). Grow, Traditional Villageseed, plant, graft trees, fruits, and much more.

Participate in these volunteer opportunities while living in traditional Ghanaian villages orcompounds and actively participating in traditional Ghanaian daily activities. One weekend Sankore will also help organize outings to visit as many as 7 historic and vivid sites threw out all of Northern Ghana while completing your SANKORE Volunteer or SANKORE IKS. These sites include:

  • Paga Alligator Park
  • Pikoworo Salve Camp
  • Sirugu Art Center
  • Tenzu Hills & Tango Shrine
  • Techiman Monkey Central
  • Salago Slave Market
  • Mole Park

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Tim Matchett, Ghana March 2007

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Joel Braggs, Ghana March 2007

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