Northern Ghana has enormous historical and spiritual relevance to African Americans. Why? Research suggests that greater than 20% of African Americans who ancestors where kidnapped and shipped to America during the Maafa were native to Northern Ghana, Southern Burkina Faso, Northeast Cote d’lvoire, and Northwest Togo.

The colossal historical, cultural, and spiritual significance of the northern part of Ghana is considerable and self-evident, however sadly often times overshadowed by the glare of city lights and life of the larger southern metropolises. The southern cities achieved such prominence, in part, due to the exploitative interaction with Western European society. In short, Africans did not just appear in the slave Castles along the coast. It is difficult to fully appreciate the people and the experience of slavery without a full accounting of their origins and circumstances that lead up to the forceful and merciless exodus through the “Door of No Return”.

Therein lays the wonderful dichotomy of Northern Ghana. Due to its lack of interaction with and assimilation into western material culture, Northern Ghana more readily retained ancient African culture & traditions, which allows for the amazing possibility of exposure to indigenous knowledge and experiences that western societies normally do not have access too and cannot duplicate. Naturally this scope includes, but extends well beyond cultural voyeurism (tours) to include complete submersion into the rich authentic indigenous Ghanaian culture. Traditional medicine is a way of life and Sankore Indigenous Knowledge Study allows you to tie right in.

The SANKORE founders are indigenous to the Northern Regions of Ghana and enjoy a dynamic relationship (often kinship) with Northern Chiefs, Elders, Ghanaian delegates, businesses leaders, government/civil authorities, educational institutions, and families. The SANKORE family extends outside the bounds of the city and includes what we consider to be, without question, the true wealth…the real jewels, the indigenous community of people and elders from the local villages who have preserved timeless African traditions, customs, values, and language that define culture.

The support SANKORE offers is very personal, comprehensive, and dedicated to making sure each guest feels at ease. The assistance we offer in America and Ghana is both extensive and time specific. We are readily available during the pre-planning phases and in Ghana to address questions and available to assist resolving any problems.

SANKORE advocates that submersion into African culture embodies the Pan-African spirit and will have a positive, life altering impact on the lives of all participants. Ghana is one of the friendliest and safest countries in Africa. All “formally schooled” persons speak English. Traditional healthcare and religion are in full practice. Festivals and celebrations are accompanied by talking drums. Traditional West African culture is fascinating and still very much alive.

For those of us who are not as adventurous and prepared for travel to Ghana… yet! You all might still Contact US and/or leverage our website as a resource to gain detailed information on the traditional culture, religion, and medicines of Northern Ghana. Come and join us!