SANKORE Education is a powerful resource for parents concerned about the quality of American public education. The parents we assist are those looking for a more nurturing, challenging educational experience, with greater emphasis on African and African American culture for their children. Our small network of private schools blend a "home school" learning environment, academic excellence, with African and African American cultural prominence where racial identity and self-esteem are not compromised for improved pedagogy.

SANKORE Education applies what empirical research suggests… improved cultural identity serves as a buffer against the factors that place African American youth at risk for scholastic and social problems. SANKORE Education understands that parents and focus groups alike want not only higher teacher expectations and academic standards, more individual attention assurances of their children's safety, and a well-rounded education that includes international socialization. This approach will reinforce a strong
sense of self-esteem, self-love, and mutual respect.

Black Star Educational Institute (BSEI) perfectly embodies the above merits. As such, SANKORE Foundation is a proud advocate and sponsor. Black Star Education Institute (BSEI) philosophic belief is that education should be culturally-grounded, rigorous, stimulating and relevant to the practical life-styles and developmental needs of the students. BSEI emphasizes the development of critical thinking and analytical skills, and use group and self-directed assignments to help our students develop self-discipline and to find the locus of control within themselves.

The curriculum of BSEI is holistic and includes Singapore mathematics, language arts (writing), science (biology, physics), agricultural science, social studies and history, cultural studies, economics, computer literacy and programming, visual arts and introduction to music, drumming and dance, and physical exercise. 
Our methodology includes "hands-on" construction projects, which will introduce students to the rudimentary concepts of engineering. Research methodology will be applied in all areas of study.

The curriculum will involve selective and purposeful travel in order to broaden the perspective and understanding of our students, enabling them to place issues and concepts that they have learned into meaningful context. 

In short, the Black Star Educational Institute difference is

"The Teachers, What They Teach, and The Environment In Which Teach".

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