Sponsors are needed to support SANKORE Education, SANKORE Academia study abroad collaborations, and SANKORE Indigenous Knowledge curricula offered at the Sankore Foundation. In addition, the Sankore Foundation is a principal source of funding for Bo-Naba Alemyarim Baba Salifu, Paramount Chief of Bongo Traditional area, Bongo, Upper East Region’s Bongo Education Endowment Fund.
Essentially there are three prime areas where all financial contributions will be allocated. We must, at the risk of being redundant, declare that no member, founder, or co-founder will take any portion of donations for personal use. All donations are tax deductible and will be used, IN FULL, for the purpose for which the donations was intended. The three prime areas of SANKORE financial focus are:

  1. Bongo Education Endowment Fund
  2. SANKORE Education
  3. SANKORE Academia

Throughout the African Diaspora, there are an untold multitude of children and young adults who can benefit for cultural awareness initiatives like those offer through the Sankore Foundation. Funding is a constant challenge for many families who understand the value of cultural submersion and improve racial identity but lack the means to fund international travel. You can help! You can make a difference! Today!

Monthly Donations

Small Business per Month - $50


SANKORE is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation organized to enrich the lives and improve the functioning of African Americans by helping to foster a greater sense of racial identity. Donations, membership, and citizenship dues are tax deductible.  
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Sankore Citizenship dues of $25/month are designed to sponsor a scholarship for one child to attend school for an entire academic year.

For more information on tangible gifts, scholarship, and sponsorship opportunities, please contact us

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