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THE SANKORE FOUNDATION is a non-profit 501(c) 3 corporation that offers mediation and support for those who would like to discover and experience real African life.

With SANKORE Indigenous Knowledge Study and SANKORE Academia, you can bathe in the true culture of Northern Ghana and share in the daily lives of its people. Whether you are a college, university, organization, group, or individual, Sankore gives you the option to establish or expand your study abroad program, extend your group tours to include the majestic North, or embark on a spiritual sabbatical throughout indigenous Northern Ghana.

Would you like to study traditional medicine, midwifery, herbal formulation, traditional African religion and spiritual philosophy? Have an interest in learning Ghanaian history from the Paramount Chief of Bongo Traditional Area? Are you a professor looking for creative ways to enhance learning beyond the classroom? If so, allow Sankore to introduce you to the University for Development Studies (UDS), partner you with elders in an apprenticeship capacity, or engage in Sankore indigenous knowledge studies to help you further your journey.


The overall purpose of THE SANKORE FOUNDATION is to improve social, economic, and academic functioning among African Americans and Africans by fostering a greater sense of racial and cultural identity.
Theoretical accounts define racial identity among African Americans in particular, as the extent to which one takes on African centered values and demonstrates a strong commitment to improving the lives of other African people. Racial and cultural identity serve as a buffer against factors that place African American families and Africans at increased risk for mental health, social, and economic problems.
Empirical studies indicate that improved racial and cultural identity are associated with better psychological and social functioning among African Americans (Carter, 1991; Jefferson & Caldwell, 2002; Parham & Helms, 1985; Phelps, Tailor & Gerard, 2001). Thus, African Americans who identify strongly with their African heritage are more likely to be well adjusted and participate in activities that benefit their immediate surroundings.

The SANKORE FOUNDATION was created as an evidence-based solution to address and reverse the negative psychological effects of poor racial identity. Our solution-oriented programs like the SANKORE Indigenous Knowledge Study & SANKORE Education initiatives are specifically designed to protect and enhance African identity, culture, and pride. The time and environment is ideal for the genesis of a realistic model designed for the African Diasporian community to develop a real appreciation and knowledge of its own culture. SANKORE is positioned to fill the cultural void within African Diasporian communities and replace it with a healthy confidence and strong sense of culture, values, identity and self-appreciation.


To improve social, economic, and academic functioning among African Americans by enhancing cultural and racial identity through submersion into the rich culture of Northern Ghana.

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