FAIZA IBRAHIM TAIMAKO | President, Founder, Director Sankore Volunteer & Indigenous Knowledge Study Curriculum
I am Faiza Ibrahim Taimako, born on the 23rd of November 1977 and single. The ninth and last born of the Taimako, family which has three sons six daughters, my family are Nabra's from Kongo a suburb of Bolga in the Upper East region of Ghana but are settled in Tamale I live with my family. My father Mallam Musah died when my mother was five months pregnant with me. Traditionally this leaves me with my father's task because it is assumed he has returned in my form.

Though I am the youngest in my family and a female child I have always played the role of a male child which is a great experience but can sometimes be very frustrating. My parents and grandparents are all traditional healers and I have learned and worked with my grandmother and several elders from childhood. In 1996 I was elected the regional secretary of the Ghana Psychic and Traditional Healers association. I completed senior secondary school in 1997 and have since been managing our family business, which is horticulture and traditional medicine.

My mother Hajia Salamatu Ibrahim Taimako still practices traditional medicine and is now the regional chairperson of the Ghana Federation of Traditional Medical Practitioners (GHAFTRAM) of which I am the northern coordinator. Indigenous knowledge is my life and I believe that the world would not be without its origin, so I have worked since 1991 to conserve and promote indigenous knowledge.

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NASSAM ABDUL-JALIL | Treasurer, Co-Founder, Director Ghana Economic Affairs
I am Nassam Abdul-Jalil born in Tamale, on the 07th of April 1976. I am a native of Diare, a suburb of Tamale and a Dagomba by tribe. My mother gave birth to eleven children but four are dead. I am the youngest child of the six surviving male children, one female child. Traveling and learning of other cultures are my hobbies. Fufu and jolof rice are my favorite meals. I completed Tamale Secondary School (Tamasco) in 1998 and have since been working in my family business (Admun Company Limited).

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WINMALIYA | Vice President, Co-Founder, Director Domestic Affairs
I am a graduate of Vanderbilt University, a top performing medical device salesperson with a global medical corporation, and also a seasoned and successful real estate investor. Travelingwinmaliya to Central America, South America, and Africa has taught me that I am truly none of these things.

I am what I was born as… a child of Africa and a citizen of the world Connecting with the globe has birthed in me real understanding of loving my neighbors, real appreciation for what I have and a sincere desire to become my brother’s keeper. I have become socially aware beyond comprehension and these wonderful experiences I will care with me for the rest of my life.

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SUGIRI | Co-Founder, Director Sankore Community Affairs
I am a graduate of Auburn University, a successful sales representative, licensed real winmaliyaestate agent, Nsoromma volunteer, wife, and mother of two. Born and raised in Montgomery, Alabama, the birthplace of the civil rights movement and home of blatant racism and segregation.

My father and mother, having experienced first hand the clutches of racism during the times of Jim Crow have, since birth, instilled in me a strong sense of self-love and black pride. But not until enrolling my daughter in Nsoromma, an African Centered School System in Atlanta, and further submerging myself in African culture did I gain a better overstanding of who I am and a greater sense of purpose. Only after observing the difference in my daughter’s perspectives, sense of awareness, and general knowledge and that of her peers did I truly understand the wisdom of Dr Henry Clarke philosophy on education.

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SHIMOWN PARHAM | Secretary, Co-Founder, Director Sankore Marketing & Information Technology
I was born January 24th 1976 in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Art and culture have always been my passion. In 2001 I attended the Art Institute of Atlanta for Graphic Design. To thiswinmaliya day I am currently working on several graphic design projects that help foster cultural awareness. In 2005 I became a member of Hands on Atlanta. In my spare time I enjoy reading and studying historic information, listening to soulful music, dancing and of course art. I love helping people and teaching and learning new things, which has lead to my passion in helping create a uplifting and everlasting change with in our poverty stricken communities. I leave the reader with these words and thoughts…

Poem taken from a 15th century Timbuktu:

"Whoever does not inform his children of his grandparents has destroyed his child, marred his descendants, and injured his offspring the day he dies. Whoever does not make use of his ancestry has muddled his reason. Whoever is unconcerned with his lineage has lost his mind. Whoever neglects his origin, his stupidity has become critical Whoever is unaware of his ancestry his incompetence has become immense. Whoever is ignorant of his roots his intellect has vanished. Whoever does not know his place of origin, his honor has collapsed."

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